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Frequently Asked Questions

Before Purchasing:


1) How much is the shipping fees? 运费多少?

The shipping fees is RM16 and FREE SHIPPING for order above RM120. 运费是RM16。 凡购买RM120以上免邮费!


2) Where do you ship, do you ship to my area? 你们有送哪个地区, 包括我的地区吗?

We ship to Klang Valley area. Kindly provide your postcode for us to check. (010-811 2124) 我们有运送到巴生谷. 您可以把您的postcode给我们确定是否有运到您的地区. (010-811 2124

Not supported area: Rawang, Puncak Alam, Dengkil.

不支持的地区: Rawang, Puncak Alam, Dengkil.


3) When will you receive your good after placing order? 下订单后, 几时会收到货?

We will arrange the delivery in 48 hours after payment made. 我们将在付款后的48小时内发货.


4) Is your pork safe to be consumed? 你的猪肉安全吗?

Yes. Our porks are antibiatics free and feeding processes are fully follow Government Authority's standard. 是的, 我们的猪没有抗生素. 所有饲养程序都按照政府相关部门的严格标准.


5) Do you support COD? 你提供货到付款服务吗? 

We are sorry. We currently do not support COD services. 不好意思, 我们暂时不提供货到付款服务.


6) Why should we buy your product? 为什么我们必须买你的产品呢?

We have our own farms. The pigs is antibiotics free, no grow hormone and no bad pork smell. 我们拥有自己的农场, 严格的监督. 我们的猪没有抗生素, 没有长肉剂和没有臭猪味.

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