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Minced Pork 猪肉碎 (250g)

Minced Pork 猪肉碎 (250g)

Minced Pork 猪肉碎 (250g)

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Product Introduction:

Little Pigs Grocer:

* All fresh meat comes from our own farm in Tanjong Sepat.

* 所有新鲜猪肉来自我们位于丹绒士拔的自家农场。


* In Little Pigs Grocer, we will do our best to measure the exact quantity of meats as ordered by our customers. However, the weight of the meat may have slight variable at times. 

* 我们将竭尽所能,按照客户订购的数量准确计量肉类。但是,肉的重量有时可能会略有变化。


* Due to lack of manpower, we currently do not provide any extra cutting and repacking services. We apologize for the inconveniences caused.

* 由于人手不足, 我们目前没有提供切割分装服务。 非常抱歉!

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